I was living in San Antonio, TX when it began to dawn on me that I felt different.  I was watching Dancing With the Stars when Chaz Bono appeared and I felt an instant connection to him.  Not only is he the child of a famous parent, but he is a transgender male, and it was the first time I had ever heard the term. As many places as I’ve been in my life, and being a lesbian butch since I was a teen, it still amazes me that it was the first time I had ever been aware that the “T” existed in LGBT.  I never even knew that part of the acronym existed and paid no attention to it.

I watched him intensely until he got voted off the show.  I quickly got onto my computer and began to research who and what he is … a transman.  I didn’t know why I was so intrigued with him, and I loved his beard even though it was a bit wild during the show.  I didn’t know his life before he had his name changed, because I am not impressed with the rich and famous.  To me, they’re just people, because I was raised in a similar environment as Chaz Bono.

Some time passed, and I found myself looking him up again to see if I could find anything about his story.  He cut his hair, trimmed his beard, and began to lose weight, which I thought was admirable.  I also read that he broke up with his girlfriend.  It was all very interesting, but I had yet to connect the dots.  I remember watching the movie Boys Don’t Cry, and had a fairly underwhelming reaction to that movie.  I think it was filmed in Nebraska, which is the State of my hometown, but other than that, I couldn’t relate to that character very much.  I forgot all about Chaz for a while and concentrated on leaving San Antonio to move to the Atlanta-Metro.  I found a few apartments over the Internet, drove to Atlanta, picked one out, left a deposit and went back to San Antonio to find a mover and leave.  I left San Antonio, TX in March 2012.


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